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Get Paid Fast With a Gun Friendly Payment Processor. Improve Your Cash Flow, Increase Your Sales and Enhance Your Image With Our Safe Firearms Credit Card Processing!

Gun Merchant Account

Are you a gun or ammo dealer who needs a Second Amendment Friendly credit card processing service for firearms, ammunition and accessory sales?

Your customers will appreciate it and thank you for making it so easy for them to buy from you!


2nd Amendment Friendly Payment Processing

Retail Merchant Account

  • Acceptance of Major Credit Cards and Signature Debit cards
  • Apple Pay, NFC and WiFi Terminals
  • Qualify for Lowest Rates
  • Chip Card Reader
  • No Hidden Fees

Mobile Payments

  • Increase Sales
  • Process From any Mobile Device
  • Secure and Encrypted Processing
  • Low Rates
  • Email Receipt Directly to Your Customer

Online Processing

  • Free Virtual Terminal
  • Free Fraud Prevention
  • Free 3DES Encryption
  • 2nd Amendment Friendly
  • Accept Payments 24/7

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