Features of Ammo Merchant Accounts - Credit Card Processing

Features of a Ammo Merchant Account

A Ammo merchant account is a specialised and a much desired merchant account. Such merchant accounts are usually reserved for businesses that handle a large volume of transaction, or carry out transactions with risks like charge back, cancellation and non-authorization involved. Ammo merchant accounts have been in use for a long time now, and are usually with sites like online casinos, adult sites etc. Not just online sites, even organizations like wal-mart and other stores, who deal in millions of transactions every day have the option to use Ammo merchant accounts.

There are a couple of features that one should look for before one decides on a Ammo merchant account. The features that are offered with most Ammo merchant accounts, and have fast become industry norms for any Ammo merchant account are mentioned below:

Real-time payment processing

This is the most basic and yet the most essential feature of any Ammo merchant account, instead of actually waiting for a bank approval at a later time, real time payment processing actually allows to mark out fraudulent credit card use. By actually attempting a transaction in real time, the system automatically ascertains weather a credit card is genuine or not. This is an essential feature for any Ammo merchant account.

Account Management and Customization

Regular merchant accounts, are rarely flexible and are based on predefined minimum amounts, limited payment methods, however Ammo merchant accounts actually offer you the option of managing your account actively, changing payment schedules, managing the amount of liquid assets. Basically making it simpler to control the flow of your cash.

Transaction fraud scrubbing

This is the latest, state of the art method of actually predicting and refusing transactions based on numerous parameters. The system uses a points system in combination with a probability system. What the system does is take into account various parameters like country of issue, previous transaction history, and other similar criteria. Based on these parameters and the value of the transaction involved the system actually accepts or declines a transaction, although the system mentioned is an oversimplification of the many parameters and systems involved. The essence is that the system is available to Ammo merchant accounts, to make sure that high value transactions are protected from the first step, fraudulent authorization of the transaction. As an added security feature, transaction fraud scrubbing carries out Ammo transactions in real time.

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